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    COR field in AUT display

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    Authorities - Please explain the following about the COR field functionality in ALEPH:

    The Authority tag for the headings in BIB Browse list are incorrect in the following cases:
    1) the authority tag is COR even if the heading is no longer in COR field;
    2) The authority tag does not change from 1XX/4XX even if it was changed in the authority record
    2) the heading is similar but not same - diacritic, upper/lower case etc.

    When creating a new z01 (browse index) heading, the system checks if the heading already exists in the database.
    If the heading exists, no new z01 is created, only a z02 (doc number linked to heading) is added.
    When checking the z01, the system applies normalization (according to tab_filing) and compares the new heading with the z01_normalized_text and z01_filing_text in the database.
    Note that due to the filing routines, the normalized texts are same for heading with diacritics and heading without diacritics. (See the z01 in authorities database).
    Therefore no new z01 is created since system finds the same z01 already in database.
    But z01_aut_tag is updated only in authorities database, not in BIB library.

    The proposed work-around is to delete the COR field after the BIB record is update by ue_08 process. Or, to reindex the ACC headings in the authorities database.
    You can also change the normalization routine (for example in Unicode normalization tables (unicode_to_filing_xx), but we do not recommend to do this because it will influence the whole database, as well as sorting order.

    The incorrect tag display was solved in later versions.

    Additional Information

    authorities, browse, COR field

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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