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    Call number / title index

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Our call number / title index is not alphabetizing correctly. For example, a search of "News WWW" in a call number search brings back the following result:

    1 NEWS WWW --- Times-Union.
    1 NEWS WWW --- colored American
    1 NEWS WWW --- Washington post.
    1 NEWS WWW --- Los Angeles times.
    1 NEWS WWW --- Boston globe.
    1 NEWS WWW --- Frankfurter Allgemeine.

    We see in tab00.eng that the call#/title index is the ACC index CTL:

    H CTL ACC 27 00 00 UA Call number/Title

    and in tab11_acc that it is indexing a virtual field "CALLC":

    CALLC CTL atbcnp

    and that the CALLC field is generated by expand_join (using tab_expand_join).

    Using util f/4 for the alb01 z01:

    Enter start point (CCCCCATTTTTTTT):
    CTL Lnews www

    we see that all of these "NEWS WWW" headings have the same z01_filing_text; the subfield $$t is omitted:

    filing_text www 0

    That's because the CTL index is using tab_filing routine 27 and routine 27 has this line:

    27 get_subfields a

    This means that only subfield a will be included in the filing text.

    If you want the $$t to be included, you need to change this to

    27 get_subfields at

    (or omit the "get_subfields" line).

    To correct this you can:

    1. update tab_filing
    2. restart ue_01 and the pc_server
    3. send some records to the server to confirm that they get the correct CTL index entry
    4. do a search to retrieve the record numbers of all the relevant doc records
    5. use the set created in step 1 as input to p_manage_40 (which will generate a z07 indexing request for each record).

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013