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    Can tab15 group codes be wildcarded?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    As part of our upgrade to Aleph 20, we're doing some table cleanup. One table we'd like to simplify is tab15.eng. Is it possible to wildcard the group codes so that a process status can be listed only once to include it for all groups?

    In addition, if we wanted to use somewhat more meaningful names, do these group codes need to be unique to the table and/or library?

    Columns which can be "wildcarded" are noted in the table header. The tab15.eng header has this:

    ! COL 1. 5; ALPHA_NUM, UPPER; ;
    ! Group ID;
    ! Group ID for group of definitions as defined in tab_sub_library.lng
    ! ($alephe_tab). Note that there is a limitation of 1000 lines
    ! for the drop-down list;
    ! COL 2. 2; NUM {00-99}; #;
    ! Item status;
    ! Item status;
    ! COL 3. 2; ALPHA, UPPER; #;
    ! Process status;
    ! Process status;

    When you speak of "group codes", I assume you are referring to column 1 ("Group ID").

    As you can see, COL. 1 does not allow the wildcard ("#").

    As to uniqueness, the Group ID is the identifier for each line. For example, all lines with the Group ID "N15C" are part of the same tab15 group (referenced in tab_sub_library.eng). You cannot use the same Group ID for different groups. And, since each ADM library has only one tab15.eng, the Group ID is also unique within the library -- although tab15's in different ADM's could use the same Group ID. For example, changing N15A, S15A, B15A, and H15A to "GEN" would be OK --since the tab15's they point to are in different ADM's. And each tab15 would have its own GEN section.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013