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    Cannot Repair 880 Fields at Time of Publishing for Primo

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    I've been trying to resolve a few Primo Normalization problems that stem from our storage of JACKPHY data in standard MARC fields rather than 880s internally in Aleph. For all ingest and export functions, we use the fix_doc_880 fix routines to pair and unpair the fields.

    I was hoping this would work in publishing routines as well, by making the following addition to our expand routines:
    PFULL fix_doc_redo_880

    Testing this on our development server, I found that UTIL-F-4 gave the desired results, but publish-06 output for the same record does not seem to work.

    On some records, it did seem to work, but only a very few. Is this because the fix routine simply isn't applicable to tab_expand in any consistent way, or is it possibly that publish_04 must be run, or something else must occur to update the records in Z00P first?

    The original creation of the Z00P records is performed by p_publish_04; the ongoing extraction is performed by ue_21.

    p_publish_06 is taking the xml-format z00p records created by p-publish-04 and ue_21 and creating a tar file of them.

    I see that, while you have "PFULL" as the fix/expand routine in the abc01 tab_publish and that you have specified fix_doc_redo_880 in the the PFULL entry in the tab_expand ...

    * aleph_start has this:
    setenv PUB_STARTUP_LIBS "usm01"

    * aleph_start.private has no PUB_STARTUP_LIBS line,

    * abc01 UTIL-C-1 does not show ue_21 running,

    * abc01 $data_scratch does not contain any run_e_21 log files.

    In order to get the 880's in the Z00P for an individual abc01 record, you need to re-send the record to the server with ue_21 running in abc01.

    In order to get the 880's in the Z00P for *all* the abc01 records, you need to:

    1. do UTIL-A-17-1 for the Z00P in the $usr_library (i.e., drop the Z00P table)
    2. run p_publish_04 for abc01.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013