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    Cannot delete record from reserve

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    I reported this problem few months ago. It was solved by modifiing the "www_r_doc_delete_a.cbl" and adding a fix "add_del_field" (in xxx30/tab/import bases). This modification enable a fix to add the "DEL" field to the xxx30 base. We need this field for publishing these bases to Primo and avoid to show deleted item to the reserve cours.
    This change was made in july and the file "www_r_doc_delete_a.cbl" is now date of august 2009. Is it possible that a service pack erase the modification of this programm?

    The "DEL" field is not present any more following a deleting of the document in the reserve web interface. You can see the record #596 in the UTR30 on test server and production server.


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    1. Run p_ret_01 to locate abc30 doc records which lack a CNO field.

    From the p_ret_01 Help: "In order to retrieve documents in which the requested field is missing, enter ZZ in both the From Text and To Text fields."

    2. Insert the following line into p_manage_37:

    mv $alephe_scratch/p_ret_01_outfile.crdel .

    In the p_ret_01 job_list entry you will need to name the output file "p_ret_01_outfile.crdel".

    If a file with this name is present, the proc will move it to the $data_scratch of the current library.

    In the p_manage_37 job_list entry, you will need to name the input file "p_ret_01_outfile.crdel".

    3. Use the p_ret_01 output as input to p_manage_37, specifying

    "List of Document Numbers" as the Input File Type and

    "DEL" as the fix-routine label.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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