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    pc_server doesn't restart (via p_sys_01); que_batch_lock shows "success" rather than "lockfile"

    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22
    • Relevant for Installation Type: All




    Each night the www_server and pc_server are taken down (via the "server_monitor -tks" job_list entries) prior to running clear_vir01 and then brought back up with p_sys_01.  

    Last night both were taken down, but only the p_sys_01 run for the www_server occurred; p_sys_01 for the pc_server did not run -- and the pc_server is still down (as of 9:00 AM).  Staff who try to connect with the GUI are getting:  "Password not verified on connectable host."


    Do this:

     1. util w/1/4 to confirm that the pc_server is not running. 
     2. util w/3/3 to start it
     3. Assuming that you don't get any error message, then do util w/1/4 to confirm that is now running
     4. Check the $LOGDIR pc_server_nnnn.log file for error messages and/or successful activity 


    If util w/3/3 did start the pc_server and it is continuing to run successfully, the question is:  why wasn't it started by p_sys_01 last night like it normally would be?


    First, look in $alephe_scratch for p_sys_01 jobs.  You will normally see two in the middle of each night, one for WWW and one for PC.  If there's a successful run for the WWW p_sys_01, but if the PC p_sys_01 is not seen there or failed, that confirms the diagnosis.

      If it failed, examine the error messages.  

      If it didn't occur at all, do: 

       > dlib vir01
       > util c/1


    If there's no lib_batch process running, then do "util c/2" to start it.


    If the lib_batch process *is* running, then do "util c/7".  If a p_sys_01 process is seen there, then the question is:  why didn't it run earlier when it was supposed to?    
      It would seem that this indicates a defect in the batch queue (lib_batch) processing.

    Do util c/3 to stop the batch queue.  
      If it stops successfully, then do util c/2 to restart it.  
      If it doesn't stop, then kill it as described in Article 000033361 ("util c/3 doesn't stop batch queue").
      If the above doesn't help, then perform the steps described in Article 000045870 ("Services-submitted jobs don't run; batch queue doesn't work").  


    [Note:  in one case like this, the ./vir01/files/que_batch_lock file showed a value of:  "success".  It *should* show "lockfile".  Restarting the batch queue changed it to the expected value of "lockfile".]  



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