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    Catalog button under Course Doc List: “Library’s host not defined in library.ini

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    When under the Course Doc List for a course, if you select a doc record linked to a ABC30 record and you click on the “Catalog” button it brings you into the cataloging module but a message pops up: “Library’s host not defined in library.ini”. I’m guessing this is because the Cataloging module defaults to ABC01 and the record is in ABC30. However, ABC30 is defined in library.ini and in per_lib.ini for Cataloging.

    Does the “Catalog” button under the Course Doc List only work for ABC01 records or is there a way for this to work for the ABC30 records as well?

    The problem with the “Library’s host not defined in library.ini” message is *not* the fact that the Cataloging module defaults to ABC01 and the record is in ABC30. We see other entries for this same course where the record is in ABC30 and it connects there without any problem -- these are at the end of the list. If the ABC30 record has no corresponding ABC01 record, then it *should* connect to ABC30.

    The problem entries have a year of "0000" in the index. The presence of the " 0001" at the end of the SID field is a symptom of the problem, *not* the cause.

    I find that each entry which gets this message is a duplicate of another entry later in the index which does *not* get the error. For instance, this entry 3/67 is a duplicate of 64/67. The early, defective entries are all linked to low-numbered abc30 doc records. I believe that we deleted or suppressed these on Prod.

    I see that on Prod there are only 34 docs for AAP502-BER. The only entry which I find is a problem is #3. All the rest are OK. The duplicates have either been suppressed or deleted.

    For Prod, I would like to find other cases (besides this 3/34 for AAP502-BER) which are a problem. Do staff know of others?

    For Test, it would seem that we should delete/suppress these duplicates... as we did on Prod.

    [From site:]
    I haven't heard of any new occurrences of this problem. So this incident can be closed. If this problem comes up again I will open a new incident.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013