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    Certain titles/records can not be retrieved -- even in the GUI

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23


    Two different cases:

    *Case 1:  We cannot find the title "Arabies" (serials). We search with index like TIT or WTI no BIB record return. We even search with the sysnumber and it won't find it. In the browse index, we can see that some titles don't have any BIB record attach to it (aramaic studies; ararat), is this normal ?


    *Case 2:  Bib records with an STA $$aSuppressed field are not searchable in the GUI.  Though the tab_base.lng entry for the XXX01PUB base (used by the OPAC) has "not wst=suppressed", the Base specified for GUI Search is "XXX01" -- and the tab_base entry for XXX01 has no qualifiers.


    *Case 1 Resolution:
    The abc01 z01_acc_sequence for arabies is 014899054:
    02 z01_rec_key \
    03 acc_code ..............TIT
    03 alpha .................L
    03 filing_text ...........ARABIES
    03 filing_sequence .......99054
    02 z01_acc_sequence ........014899054

    util f/4 for the abc01 z02 shows:
    Enter start acc number (nnnnnnnnnn)
    -014899054 -000608694

    The tab_base "Catalogue complet" has this:
    ABC01 Complete catalog ABC01 ABC01 N alldocuments not (wlc=DE or wlc=DND or wlc=DP or wlc=PEB or wlc=ST or wlc=CDDCM or wlc=ABCAM or wown=COT or wps=bp or wps=ca or wps=ct or wps=sp or wps=na or wps=oi or wps=np or wps=ps or wps=re or wps=dp)

    We see in the abc01 tab11_word that the wlc is indexing the LOC $$b:
    LOC# b 03 WLC

    And we see in util f/4 that this bib record 000608694 has a Loc with $$b of "ABCAM":
    LOC L $$bABCAM$$cP$$oNOTYP

    Thus, this record is being excluded from the "Complete catalog".

    As described in KB 8192-5751, the general rule is that the xxx01 base -- that is the *physical base* -- should always be defined without *any* qualifiers. The ABC01 base is definitely NOT complete; it has 18 qualifiers.
    You need to define the ABC01 base with *no* qualifiers -- and that is the base which the catalogers should be using in the GUI.
    If they *want* to exclude these records from the display, they can use the ABC01PUB base.


    *Case 2 Resolution:

    The z61 profile had these lines:

        02 z61_denied_library_1 .........XXX01
        02 z61_denied_command_1 .........WST=SUPPRESSED

    The effect of this was to add the qualifier "wst=suppressed" to XXX01 searches (in both the OPAC and the GUI).


    Changing the z61_denied_library_1 and the z61_denied_command_1 to blanks corrected the problem.  These changes can be made in the Circ GUI by clicking on "Patrons" at the top, selecting "Patron profile", and editing the relevant profiles.   And then restarting the pc_server to make the change take effect.


    pc_tab_sear.eng can also come into play:  in one case the site had this:

    FI  XXX01                L Words from STA                 WSU

    when they should have had this:

    FI  XXX01                L Words from STA                 WST



    • Article last edited: 14-May-2016