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    Change to tab16, col 27 (Adjust Due Date and Hour), not taking effect

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Problem Symptoms:
    A change of ./xxx50/tab/tab16, col. 27, does not take effect.

    Today (Oct. 25) loan of an item with status 01 to a patron with status 01 gives 22:00 as the due time. It should be 23:59....
    * ./xxx50/tab/tab16, col. 27, for item status 01/patron status 01 had a 0 ("Adjust a due hour which is after closing time to the closing time") in it; that was removed.
    * service "Rebuild Due Dates (cir-01)" to drop/create the xxx50 z301 was run. (util a/17/1 for z301 does the same.)
    * Though util f/2/9 ("Display/Check Due Date Routine") on server shows the correct 23:59, actual checkout still gives 22:00 as the due-time.

    The 'active due dates' matrix in the GUI loan tab also now shows 23:59 as the assigned due time for the loans on 01/01 statuses.
    However, when an item is loaned, it reflects 15 Nov 2010 and 22:00 for the loan.

    Change of ./xxx50/tab/tab16, col. 27 requires restart of the PC server to take effect

    * Restart the PC server (util w/3/1)

    Category: Circulation (500)

    Subject: Loans (500)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013