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    Checking HOL 852 $$a values

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20


    Can check_doc_852 check the 852 $$a subfield (the MARC code of the holding institution or the name of the institution or person) in the same way it checks the sublibrary and collection?


    In the case of the 852 $$b sublibrary and the $$c collection, there are tables (tab_sub_library.eng and tab40.eng, respectively), which can be checked. In the case of the $$a there's no table which contains the legitimate values.

    Checking the check_doc_852 program, I see that it does not look for the (852) $$a subfield. This would need to be an enhancement request.

    Additional Information

    An alternative: If you've built the ucd60 z00r, you could use SQL to query it. The following SQL could be used:

    SQL> select substr (z00r_text,1,10), z00r_doc_number from z00r where z00r_field_code like '852%' and z00r_text not like '$$aCU-AM$$b%' and z00r_text not like '$$axx-yy$$b%'<etc.>;

    Something similar might also be done with the ret-01 Service.

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