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    Circ logger shows incorrect/missing information

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Our staff report that when checking the circ logger for several patrons, the due date either does not show at all or is incorrect in the Due Date column.

    It does show correctly in the Description column.

    The "Due Date" value is not actually stored in the z309 Circ Logger record. (It is stored in the z36h.)

    The Description column has the correct due date. My suggestion would be to eliminate the Due Date column and expand the Description column to display in the space where the Due Date column is currently displaying. This can be done by changing the PC_CIR_LOGGER lines in the xxx01 pc_tab_col.eng.


    PC_CIR_LOGGER L Description 05 015 ...
    PC_CIR_LOGGER L User note 06 015 ...
    PC_CIR_LOGGER L Due date 07 009 ...


    PC_CIR_LOGGER L Description 05 024 ...
    PC_CIR_LOGGER L User note 06 015 ...
    PC_CIR_LOGGER L Due date 07 000 ...

    In order to remove this column from the display, you have to click on the header line to access the "Header configuration" window and check the option "Get default setup". Then the column is removed. This modification is stored on my pc, in file C:/AL500/Alephcom/tab/UserTabCol.

    To get this updated file to other staff, you could repackage and redistribute the cllent. Or you could place the file in the pc_exe directory on the server and distribute it via Version Control. This is described in KB 16384-275.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013