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    Cleaning out your libraries for re-running Upgrade Express

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph

    Per KB 16384-21425, we know that we can run Upgrade Express a second time for our libraries without any problem, but we want to create a "clean" environment, with our libraries erased entirely.

    Note: The only situation we know of where this might be necessary is in a demonstration of Upgrade Express where you want to see what the target version looks like before UE has run at all.

    Here is an example where we do that for the LAWnn libraries:

    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) LAW01> sqlplus ALEPH_DBA

    aleph_dba@A112_A20> select * from all_users;
    **** Hit return to continue ****

    ------------------------------ ---------- ---------------
    PWD50 162 05-MAY-09
    LAW60 161 05-MAY-09
    LAW50 160 05-MAY-09
    LAW30 159 05-MAY-09
    EXT02 107 16-FEB-09
    EXT01 106 16-FEB-09
    LAW10 158 05-MAY-09
    LAW01 157 05-MAY-09

    aleph_dba@A112_A20> drop user PWD50 CASCADE;
    aleph_dba@A112_A20> drop user LAW01 CASCADE;
    aleph_dba@A112_A20> drop user LAW10 CASCADE;
    aleph_dba@A112_A20> drop user LAW30 CASCADE;
    aleph_dba@A112_A20> drop user LAW50 CASCADE;
    aleph_dba@A112_A20> drop user LAW60 CASCADE;
    User dropped.

    PWD50 is the pw_library for the LAW libraries. You do *not* want to drop EXT01 or EXT02.

    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) LAW01> cd /exlibris/aleph/u20_2
    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) LAW01> cp -pr alephe alephe.old2
    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) LAW01> cp -pr alephe.orig alephe [This restores the original alephe.]
    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) LAW01> rm -r law50
    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) LAW01> rm -r law01
    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) LAW01> rm -r law10
    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) LAW01> rm -r law30
    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) LAW01> rm -r law60
    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) LAW01> rm -r pwd50

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013