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    Corrupt z36-Index, Z301 invalid, cir-08 crashes

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    The job p_cir_08 crashes with a unique constraint violated message for ABC50.Z301_ID. Our observations have shown that this index contains an invalid value, the Rec-key of the last loan is directly in front of the Oracle error: '001031116000010 '.


    1 How does this corrupt entry in the index z36_id exist? -

    2 (more importantly) how can we clean up the index? Help a_17 util / 2 or / 3? What must be considered in the application? -

    3 (Additional question): The abc50.Z301 also contains an entry for UARCV. Where did it come from? In abc50/tab/tab16 this branch is not included, the Z301 was after the last change of tab16.

    The problem is thus to the fact that p_cir_08 runs during the full operating hours. You can work around the problem by letting p_cir_08 run at night, if there are no returns. Alternatively, you can also ignore the messages. I do not see negative effects. From our perspective, it is not sensible to rebuild the program logic in p_cir_08 so that this case is "caught".

    The "strange" entries in Z301-REC-KEY can be related to the problem in p_cir_08. Z301 entries are also created when employees call in the ALEPH client borrowing the "Active due dates." Here, in the "branch" Enter any string and the system would then form Z301 sets. UARCV at this point is the default setting of the client supplied. The entries in the Z301 don't seem to cause any particular problem.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013