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    Course Reserve documents all 0 even though there are documents attached

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    We have just upgraded from v. 18 to v. 19 on our test server. When we go into Course Reserves the Course Doc List is 0 for every course even though there are documents attached. We see the documents in our OPAC.

    Following the e-mailed Course Reserves Fact Sheet , we have have run p_manage_12 (KB 16384-14707) and have added the 'UPDATE-DOC' line to abc50/tab/tab_z105 and have re-started ue-11(KB 16384-14195).

    What else do we need to do?

    The system uses the z11 CNO-S index to find the documents for each course. When I do util f/4 for the abc30 z11 CNO-S, I see that each record is preceded by the following text: "Section 02 for CNO-S was not found in tab_filing".

    And the CNO-S Z11-FILING-TEXT begins with "$$a".

    The program is looking for the course number *without* the subfield code and, thus, finds nothing.

    The abc30 tab00.eng CNO-S entry has "02" in column 4, indicating that the 02 tab_filing entry should be used. The usm30 tab00.eng also has this but the usm30 tab_filing *does* have a 02 entry:

    02 N to_lower
    02 N compress '
    02 N to_blank !@#%^&*()_+={}[]:";?./~`
    02 N comma
    02 N pack_spaces
    02 N del_subfield_code
    02 del_subfield
    02 suppress
    02 to_blank $<>,
    02 mc_to_mac
    02 pack_spaces
    02 char_conv FILING-KEY-11

    You need to add these lines to the abc30 tab_filing and then run p_manage_05 to rebuild the abc30 z11.

    If you find even after making this change that the info in the upper right pane ("Doc list") is blank, see KB 16384-16945.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013