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    Creating custom GUI services

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    We want to create custom GUI services for Acquisitions and Cataloging, specifically running SQL scripts against the database and sending output to the $data_print or $data_scratch directory. Usually we do this in SQL but would like to make these scripts available in the GUIs. I have edited menu-acq.xml in the u-tree to add a service (priv-01); created .xml and .html files in alephe/pc_b_eng to create the dialog box; but the missing piece seems to be in aleph/proc in the a-tree. How does this piece work?

    This is described in detail in the Custom Services 16[1].02.pdf document on the Doc Portal (under "ALEPH 500 Documentation " -- How To - Miscellaneous).

    [Old answer:] The required pieces are:
    I suggest that the p_priv_01 proc be modeled after the p_acq_25 proc, which is another proc that executes sql (rather than executing a Cobol program "cobrun xxxx" -- as most of the GUI Services procs do).

    Though the SQL could be imbedded in this proc (or copied into it from the $aleph_proc), you may want to follow our convention of putting the SQL piece in the ./alephm/sql_stat directory (which is where the acq_stat_02_date_param.sql -- coming from the
    set file_name = "acq_stat_02_date_param"
    in p_acq_25 -- is.)

    Anyway, the critical statements are those like the
    source $aleph_proc/def_local_env
    which you can see in the p_acq_25.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013