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    Cross references missing after running p_manage_102 / p_manage_02

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    After running the p_manage_102, p_manage_02, etc., browse index jobs, we have found that we are missing the authority cross references.

    An example of a missing cross-ref:

    > subject browse for "movies" brings no cross references
    i.e., result should show:

    See: Motion pictures

    Other examples didn't pan out, but here's one I found:

    personal author "russell, dale" should give result:

    Russell, Dale, 1937-
    See: Russell, Dale A

    How can we recover from this?

    The ABC01_p_manage_02.log shows these parameters:

    setenv p_delete_flag "1"
    setenv p_force_chk "N"
    setenv p_duplicate_mode "N"

    As described in the "How To Run Index Jobs" document, when p_manage_02 is preceded by p_manage_102, the parameters *should* be:

    setenv p_delete_flag "0"
    setenv p_force_chk "Y"
    setenv p_duplicate_mode "N"

    At this point there are only two choices:

    1. Let ue_08 gradually link the headings. This will likely take at least a week. This would not require any activity on your part. It's just a matter of letting ue_08 run. (I see that it is stopped at the moment.)

    To see how much ue_08 has done, you can do the following SQL:

    abc01@ALEPH18> select count(*) from z01 where z01_rec_key_4 like '-NEW%';
    **** Hit return to continue ****


    When the NEW count gets down to (or at least near to) zero, the linking will be done.

    2. Re-run the Headings jobs: p_manage_102, p_manage_02, etc.

    I suggest letting ue_08 run at least overnight, to see how many of the 6,579,410 NEW z01's it is able to do. That will give you an idea of the likely total time. For that reason, I have restarted ue_08. If you want to follow a different plan, please feel free to stop it again.

    Note: ue_08 will generate a lot of z07's / ue_01 activity. We will probably want to delete these ue_08-generated z07's.

    Additional Information

    faq duplicate mode

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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