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    Customized Cataloging MARC Tags Print with the "CAT" tags removed

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    I am trying to create a new customized printout based on the MARC Tags report, opac-print-001.xsl, in UFTest. It is accessed in the Cataloging module under Print, which displays the Print Format options such as INTERNAL, MARC form 001, Public form 002, Catalog form 037 and Citation form 038. I can see the customized reports for Catalog 037 and Citation 038 are defined in edit_doc.eng and then their related codes in edit_paragraph and edit_field.eng. However, I can not seem to find where the fields for 001 are defined? I tried creating a new opac-print-011.xsl and a new 011 in edit_doc.eng, but it seems to use opac-print-custom instead of opac-print.xsl that includes a grid with Tag name and Field name. Is there a way to create a similar alternative to the MARC 001 form, but exclude the some of the fields such as the CAT fields?

    When you do the Cataloging Print using Cntl-P, the pc_cat_c0204 program is invoked. Cntl-P / pc_cat_c0204 do not invoke expand_doc. They always print exactly what is on the screen.

    But you can use the "Find Print" instead.

    This is similar to KB 8192-2122 ("Removing tags from the Web OPAC MARC Tags display"), except in this case we are talking about the GUI Find MARC Tags Print instead of the OPAC MARC Tags print.

    You would follow a procedure very similar to that in KB 8192-2122, except instead of the WEB-FULL-1 line in tab_expand, you would do this for the GUI-DOC-P line.

    To do the "Find Print" you click on the Binoculars/Find and select "System number" from the drop-down. Then, in the top-right frame, with the document highlighted, click on Print/send. Then highlighting "MARC Tags" in the resulting list (with "Print" as the Action at the bottom) and clicking OK.

    This sequence invokes pc_sear_c1013 which looks for the "GUI-DOC-P " lines in tab_expand.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013