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    Cutover from Aleph version 2n to version 23


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care



    We have run Upgrade Express and our new Aleph v23 server is working.  Now we want to do a final refresh of the Oracle data (rather than rerunning the whole Upgrade Express from scratch).


    The following are the steps in the Production cutover/STP from version 2n (20, 21, or 22) to version 23.     The idea is to export the Oracle data but not export the Aleph u-tree, which would require unnecessarily redoing many Upgrade Express steps....

     1. Run $alephe_root/aleph_shutdown on your current v2n server.

     2. Put your current version 2n in read-only mode.  (See the article " Putting Aleph in Read-Only Mode during cutover to new instance " .) 

     3. Run the upgrade_express_2201_2301 export on your current v2n server, selecting "2. Export customer data"  and then "1. Export Oracle data".   

       To the question "Do you want to export using Oracle Data Pump?" answer, as you did previously, "Yes".

      Note: The above step 3 is a refresh of the Oracle data only.  Any (Aleph) files updated in the u-tree of the current server after the previous Upgrade Express run should have the same updates applied individually to the version 23 u-tree.    

     4.  Do upgrade_util "9. Transfer data / configuration files to another server" to transfer the /exlibris/aleph/upgrade_express_2201_2301/data/a2n_1.tar.gz file from the v2n server to the v23 using upgrade_util.

     5. On the v23 server, select upgrade_util step 2 (Install customer data).  Then  select  "1. Install Oracle data".

    6. On the v23 server, do step 3 ("Run Upgrade Express") for each of the following (which is relevant to your case):


        upgrade_express_2101_2201, and


        Specify that you will be doing the "steps > 999",  that is, the Oracle-data steps.

     7. On the v23 server, run the *just* these two upgrade_express_2201_2301 upgrade_util "Post-Upgrade" actions:

         1. Remove UTF files (util-x-7)

         2. Clear VIR sessions (util-x-8)

       Also, you will *not* need to re-run util h2/ or util h/3.

    8.  Make sure that Oracle Archiving (util o/7) is turned on.

    9.  Make certain that any $alephe_tab/p_publish_06 entries have "u23_1" (rather than u20, u21, u22). 

    10.  Run $alephe_root/aleph_startup on the v23 server.

    11.  Change Primo to point to the v23 server. 

    12.  Have a few select staff test basic, Aleph GUI and OPAC and Primo functions.

    13.  Assuming all is OK, Expand the test to all staff.

    14.  Assuming all is OK, open the OPAC, Circulation, etc., up to all patrons.




    • Article last edited: 23-Sep-2020
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