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    Default tab in Invoice Line Item form

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    In Acq/Serial module, can the tabs in the Invoice Line Item form be moved around? What we would like is for the Order Info to display first and then,within that, the Bib Info first rather than the Order Info.

    The tabs cannot be moved but the tab that is opened by default is configurable. This is described in the Aleph User Guide (Web Guide) in Chapter 1 (GENERAL), section 3.7 THE VISUAL PROPERTIES WINDOW.

    The Visual Properties window is used to view the labels on screen elements (buttons, column names, field names and so on) within an ALEPH GUI. You can also change the tab which opens first by default when a form is displayed (this is only for forms which are comprised of multiple tabs).

    By default the first (the left-most) tab is activated when a multi-tab window is opened.
    To change the tab which opens by default:
    1. From the ALEPH menu, point to Options
    2. Click Customize
    3. Select the General Configuration tab
    4. Select Visual Properties to display the Visual Properties window when F1 is pressed
    5. Open a multi-tab form and press F1. The Visual Properties window appears.
    6. In the First Tab field, enter a number to determine which tab is activated when the form is opened and click OK.
    7. The second tab from the left is 2, the third tab from the left is 3, and so on. In the above example, the number 4 has been entered.

    The next time the form is opened, the fourth tab from the left (in the example, 4. All Transactions) will be activated.

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    Invoice Line Item, move tabs

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013