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    Defaults for new patrons

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    If you add a new borrower and do not give a reader number or password or barcode, the system assigns one.
    For example reader number PID394, password PID498 and barcode PB413
    Where do these numbers come from? I looked in util G/2 I do not see a "last-nnn-number" of these.
    Also, where are the prefixes from. I looked in circ.ini and do not see PB or PID.

    These values do come from util G / 2. The reason you did not see them is perhaps because you were not looking in the correct library.   Though the patrons are stored in the usr_library they are also connected to specific ADM libraries.  As described in the article " util/g/2 counters not being used in patron creation ", the util g/2 counters (such as, last-bor-id and last-bor-id-1) in the ADM library take precedence.

    Also, the reason it is using variables from util G/2 is because you have it defined as such DEFAULT-BOR tab100(also in usr library).
    Here are relevant values in tab100 (see header for more)

    Definition for DEFAULT-BOR tab100:

    DEFAULT-BOR-ID=Y      [patron ID, z303_rec_key, z308_rec_key type "0"]
    DEFAULT-BOR-ID-1=Y    [patron barcode, z308_rec_key type "1"]

    Here are relevant parts of UTIL G/2 (in usr_library)
    UTIL G / 2
    6. last-bor-id        394 y S PID
    7. last-bor-id-1      413 y S PB
    8. last-bor-id-2        0 y S PS
    9. last-bor-verify-1  498 y S PID
    10. last-bor-verify-2 413 y S P1-
    11. last-bor-verify-3   0 y S P2-

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013