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    Deleted records (bibs) remain indexed and searchable in OPAC

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 15.5

    We have had reports that some deleted records are still searchable in the OPAC. That is, they appear to continue to be indexed in both keyword and acc indexes although the record has been deleted and only a stub currently exists.

    Why are these stubs searchable by terms or phrases from the pre-deleted records? Shouldn't the deletion of the record cause the un-indexing of the record?

    First, test whether resending one of these records to the server causes the index entries for the record to be deleted. (If not, the method described below will not help. As described in KB 16384-10772, bib records with large numbers of words can have this problem. The only solution, in the case of keyword, is to rerun p_manage_01 and in the case of Browse to rerun the Headings sequence. )

    Then, use this SQL to locate deleted doc records which are connected to ACC Headings:

    select z13_rec_key from z13 where (z13_title is null and z13_author is null) minus select z02_doc_number from z02;

    Then do the command in KB# 8192-1591 to append the library code to each doc number and use that file as input to p_manage_40 (to generate a z07 index-update request for each record).

    Note 1: If you continue to see a heading from a deleted record in the Browse index in the *GUI*, as described in KB 16384-33585, that is an intentional feature.

    Note 2: From Ex Libris Development: In v.22 the limit for word indexing has been increased to 20,000 words (from 4,950). See Article 000040332 ( ) .

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    • Article last edited: 3/26/2014
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