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    Deleted records still appear in database

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct; Direct; Local; Total Care

    When we do a title search for "will you sign here" or a title search for "free willy" in our Production catalog, the last record in the lists that come up is an incomplete record. There is no title or bib information and only "1000" in the Year field.

    I have no idea what the actual titles of these items are. Can you explain what these records are for and how they got there? Can we somehow remove them?

    Here is a list of record numbers for 9 hits I get using year 1000:

    These are all deleted records, they have the DEL tag. Why are these records still in the database when other records deleted using the "Total Delete" option in cataloging do not appear?

    Deleting a bib record results in a DEL=Y field being added to the record and the deletion of all index entries. We
    have seen previous cases where record deletion adds the DEL=Y, but does not result in deletion of the Word index entries. This is described in Article 000040332 (KB 16384-10772). (See link in Additional Information below.)

    Checking sys01 records 3083566 ("will you sign here") and 5739366 ("free willy") on *Test* where they have *not* been deleted, I find that they are very long records. I believe that, considering double-words, they exceeded the 4950-word limit described in Article 000040332 and, due to this, the deletion failed to delete all the words.

    You may want to check the other record numbers on the Test server to confirm this.

    In version 20, at least, you will need to run p_manage_01 to correct this. (If there are just a few words it's especially important to remove, see link to KB 16384-46049 below.)

    In v.22.1 the limit for word indexing has been increased to 20,000 words (from 4,950). As described in v22 rep_ver #019160, sites with records which have this problem need to run manage-01 to fix the records.

    Additional Information

    Article 000040332 (KB 16384-10772):  Record Not Removed from Keyword Indexes; Maximum 4950 Words
    KB 16384-46049:   run_e_01_word: Update z98 from z980... PREMATURE END OF Z96

    Historical note:  v22 rep_change 000056 indicates that certain changes are necessary in order for the v22 manage-01 to work properly. v22 rc 000056, which supplies these changes, was included in Service Pack 22.0.2 (Jun 1, 2014).

    Category: Cataloging

    • Article last edited: 10/12/2014