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    Different results for same search in GUI vs OPAC


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care



     We're getting different results for the word "nuclear".  GUI Search gives just over 20,000 while the OPAC has only 19,500. They should both be 20k+.


    The same search in the same base should give the same results, whether it's done in the OPAC or the GUI.

    I suspect that you are using a different base in the OPAC vs. the GUI.

    1. To see what base you are using in the OPAC, go to the URL at the top after you have done the search and, moving through the URL with the left/right arrow key, you will find a "local base=" parameter, such as, "local base= XXX01PUB".

    2. To see what base you are using in the GUI Search, note the base (such as "XXX01") being chosen in the dropdown when you do the search.  (If you see a text name for the base instead of the code, then look in tab_base.lng to see what code this text corresponds to.)

    If 1 is different than 2, that is why you are seeing different results.

    If you want to confirm that the results are the same when the same base is specified, you can type over the "Local base=" value in the URL in the OPAC so it's the same as that being used in the GUI, and then click on the blue arrow ( --> ) at the right of the URL box to reinitiate the search.  

    Note:  It is *normal* to see fewer results in the OPAC vs the GUI, since the base used in the OPAC will usually be one which omits suppressed records while the base being used in the GUI will include them -- since staff need to be able to see them.


    • Article last edited: 1-Nov-2017