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    Disable Item Advance Booking for Using on a Particular Date

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21


    Disable the item advance booking for a particular date


    Use the Delete Advance Booking Slots (cir-65) service to delete specific advance booking slots.

    Additional Information

    See information from this service's help:
    "This service enables you to delete Advance Booking slots that fall on days the library is closed or on holidays. The last slot before the start of the closed day and the first slot after the end of the closed day are combined into one long slot, which also includes the day the library is closed. The new slot will include the last slot before this period and the first slot after this period. Running this service will open Advance Booking slots to the end of the week in which the "Date (to)" falls.
    This service is identified in the Batch Log and Batch Queue as p_cir_65. "
    This means, you might use the regular tab43 definitions and remove the originally created slots afterwards if an additional opening day is scheduled.
    See also document 'Aleph Staff User Guide - Circulation', chapter '12.4.1 Opening Schedules'
    In order to delete all slots on March 5th, you should enter the date frame
    05/03/2014 00:00 - 05/03/2014 23:59
    The system will delete all advanced booking slots falling in that range and create one big slot from the beginning of the last slot on March 4th until the end of the first slot on March 6th.
    The changes become effective as soon as the service cir-65 is completed, usually after a few minutes.

    Category: Circulation/

    Subject: Advance booking

    • Article last edited: 2/26/2014