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    Discrepancy in name authority record, find search

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph

    Problem Symptoms:
    There are two authority records for the same person. Unpreferred terms are expanded into the BIB records as defined in xxx01/tab/tab_expand with "expand_doc_bib_accref". However when searching for one author name you can find all titles from both authors. When you search for the other author name you only find the BIB records of this author.

    Word index entries

    Generally only unpreferred terms (fields 4nn) are taken into account for building index entries using expand_doc_bib_accref but not see references (fields 5nn).

    Example of a title where $$aBryans, Robin,$$d1928- is the preferred term:
    001 L 000322784
    1001 L $$aBryans, Robin,$$d1928-
    24514 L $$aThe Azores /$$cRobin Bryans.
    1001 L $$aBryans, Robert Harbinson,$$d1928- -> unpreferred term copied from AUT record field 400 using expand_doc_bib_accref

    Example of a title where $$aHarbinson, Robert,$$d1928- is the preferred term:
    001 L 000322792
    1001 L $$aHarbinson, Robert,$$d1928-
    24510 L $$aSong of Erne /$$cRobert Harbinson.

    -> No unpreferred term is copied from AUT record and therefore this record can't be found under "Bryans, Robin". This is because AUT record "Harbinson, Robert" doesn't have a 400 field with unpreferred term but only 500 field with see reference:

    FMT L AU
    LDR L ^^^^^nz^^a^^^^^^^n^^4500
    001 L 000232313
    005 L 20140211100446.0
    008 L 051209|abacn||aab|||||||||||^||aaa||||^d
    1001 L $$aHarbinson, Robert,$$d1928-
    5001 L $$aBryans, Robin,$$d1928-
    5001 L $$aCameron, Donald,$$d1928-

    The reason why you find all titles from both authors when you search for "Harbinson, Robert" is that the according AUT record has a 400 field which is expanded and in this field you find the keywords "Bryans, Robert Harbinson". So coincidentally "Robert Harbinson" is contained (as forname) in this field an therefore can be found.

    Reading doc : 000071282
    FMT L AU
    LDR L ^^^^^nz^^^2200085o^^4500
    001 L 000071282
    005 L 20140211115621.0
    008 L 040823^f^acnnnaabn^^^^^^^^^^ub^aac^^^^^d
    035 L $$a1053314.1
    1001 L $$aBryans, Robin,$$d1928-
    4001 L $$aBryans, Robert Harbinson,$$d1928-
    5001 L $$aHarbinson, Robert,$$d1928-
    5001 L $$aCameron, Donald,$$d1928-

    Category: Authorities (500) - ALEPH

    Subject: ALEPH - 500

    • Article last edited: 2/13/2014