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    Display of Local Borrower Records / ALEPH Borrower Record


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16-up
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care


    I would like to use the XXX50 and have the ALEPH Z305 record suppressed or hidden so they will not display. However, I have some questions: 
    1. If we hide the ALEPH record, but it still exists, will it expire? Will it have a patron status that will affect circulation? 
    2. We are looking at the possibility of Universal borrowing or a shared patron file, down the road. Will the ALEPH Global User record be used for those? 
    3. I changed setenv user_list_aleph_local to N on our test server, but the list of sublibraries on the patron record remains on display; there is no change. Why?


    1. The ALEPH z305 borrower record, like any z305 record, has a Z305-EXPIRY-DATE. But, when there is an xxx50 z305 record for this ADM library, the "ALEPH" z305 record will not be used for circulation (and its patron status and expiration date don't not matter). Though it can display in the user list (see #3), it should be suppressed or ignored.

    2. Yes, in v16 shared patron set-up, the "ALEPH" z305 borrower record is used in conjunction with a z303 Global User record with blank for its Z303-USER-LIBRARY. 

    3. The PRE-v16 setenv variable user_list_aleph_local "Y" means: "Include the 'ALEPH' z305 in the list of z305 borrower records for the user to choose from." And, conversely, user_list_aleph_local "N" means: "Don't include the 'ALEPH' z305 in the list of z305 borrower records for the user to choose from." 

    In v16, the TAB100 "USER-SHARING" variable is introduced. This says whether you want to have shared z303/z305/z308 records for users. In addition to the user_list_aleph_local variable there's a "Display Local Patrons only" checkbox which lets the user dynamically specify whether the "ALEPH" z305 will display. This checkbox is relevant ONLY in the case where TAB100 "USER-SHARING"="N". When "USER-SHARING"="Y" for this library, the *only* z305 which should exist for this library is the "ALEPH" z305. 

    Note: In v16, though we have the"Display Local Patrons only" checkbox, the "setenv user_list_aleph_local" also still exists. To get Z353s to be built for "ALEPH" Z305s, you currently need to have "setenv user_list_aleph_local" set to "Y" in aleph_start. And to get them to display in the User list, you need to have the "Display Local Patrons only" box unchecked. 
    If you don't want "ALEPH" Z305s to display, either: (1) check the "Display Local Patrons only" checkbox or (2) (before the Z353 is built) set "setenv user_list_aleph_local" to "N" in aleph_start.



    • Article last edited: 12-Mar-2016
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