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    Display of Suppressed Holdings in Web OPAC

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21


    Holding records with status Suppressed display in Web OPAC when they have linked items. Why?


    1. In the Brief View, format ITM+ won't display a link if Holding record is suppressed, and all the items linked to it are set up not to show in the Web OPAC (col.10 in ./xxx50/tab/tab15.lng =N).

    2. In the Full View, the same is true for format ITMH. However, formats ITM1/ ITM/2/ ITM3 behave differently: these formats are designed to display the Items information, before checking the Holdings information.
    If there are items linked to the record, the link will always display.

    3. If there are no items linked to the record, then Holding information is checked. If Holding is suppressed, and there are no items linked to it, no link will appear in the Full View for ITM1. However, if there is Item linked to the BIB, even if its Holding is suppressed, the link will be displayed.

    4. If the link is displayed, the "show in Web OPAC" setup is checked when clicking on the link. If the Item status if set to N in col.10 of xxx50/tab/tab15.lng, the item will not be shown in the Items list. The Holding status is only checked when there are no items attached.

    5. In order to hide the link from the Full View when Holding record has STA $aSuppressed, and item is set up not to show in the Web OPAC, use format ITMH in ./xxx01/tab/edit_doc_999.eng.

    Category: Web OPAC (500)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013