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    Doc Fix - user_list_aleph_local Should Be Y

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    In the Acquisitions module, click on browse Patron button besides the Initiator ID, only a partial list of 6 records came up
    We expect Patron browse lists in Acquisitions to be the same as the list in Circulation.
    We have one ADM library and one sublibrary.

    1. The usr_library is XXX50. Most patrons only have an ADM/User library (XXX50) Z305 entry but no local (XXX) Z305 entry.
    2. From the Circulation screen, we can browse all patrons from the Patron bar.
    “Display Local Patrons Only” is unchecked because of the following entry in circ.ini:
    3. However, in the Acquisitions module, when accessing the browse Patron function via the button beside the left pane Order tab > [L] Order List > lower right pane 2. General tab > Initiator ID field, only a partial list of 6 records came up.
    These records correspond to those users with both an X50 and an XXX Z305 record.
    4. At the same time, over in the Serial tab, clicking on the button next to the left pane [L] Subscription List > lower right pane 3. Subscription Info tab > Patron ID field provides the full list of patrons
    5. Changing $alephe_root\aleph_start : user_list_aleph_local to Y, restarting (source aleph_start, restart pc_server, restart batch queue), and running cir-25 fixed the problem with the Initiator ID field search.

    Before this change, this SQL query on the XXX50 Z353 table
    select substr( z353_rec_key, 0, 10), count( substr( z353_rec_key, 0, 10))
    from z353
    group by substr( z353_rec_key, 0,10);
    returned the following:
    SUBSTR(Z353_REC_KEY,0,10) COUNT(SUBSTR(Z353_REC_KEY,0,10))
    ------------------------------ --------------------------------
    XXX50 57216
    XXX50XXX50 21
    After the change, the same query returned the following:
    XXX50 57216
    XXX50XXX50 57210

    In SKB-16384-1442, from 2008, it states that
    The use of the user_list_aleph_local has changed in v18.
    The System Librarian’ Guide - Circulation has been changed as follows . . . to reflect this
    . . .
    And p74 of the same doc changed from:
    setenv user_list_aleph_local
    Defines whether the "ALEPH" patron is to be considered a Local Patron or not.
    Possible values:
    • Y - ALEPH is considered a local patron.
    • N - ALEPH is not considered a local patron.
    If set to N, patrons whose only Z305 local patron record is the ALEPH record, will not be displayed in the Patron List if the checkbox "Display Local Patron Only" is

    setenv user_list_aleph_local
    In version 18-up, setenv user_list_aleph_local should always be set to “Y”.

    This has been changed in the v20 documentation.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013