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    Due date of 1/19/2038

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    At one of our sublibraries all check-outs and renews for a specific patron type are generating with the due date of 1/19/2038. All other sublibraries and patron types are generating the correct due date.

    This situation appears to have started this weekend.

    Checking with SQL:

    abc50@ABCPRD> select z36_rec_key, z36_sub_library, z36_item_status, z36_bor_status from z36 where z36_due_date like '2038%';

    I find that the cases where the due year is 2038 are all sublibrary ABCMU, item status 01, patron status 30.

    Looking at the z301 for ABCMU with util f/4, we see:

    02 z301_line[000000005]..0130+0000011220380119A23592359+0000001420110922A23592359

    As described in the z301.pdf document,

    the Z301-PAR-DATE is 00000112 and
    the Z301-DUE-DATE is 20380119

    Today + 112 is January 3, 2012, so the program is looking in tab17 ABCMU section for the first day that the library is open on or after Jan. 03, 2012. Since all the tab17 ABCMU entries begin with "2011" as the year, it is unable to find any such day.

    You need to either add "2012####" lines or -- better -- change the "2011####" lines to "########", and then either run p_cir_01 or do util a/17/1 for the abc50 z301 (-- make sure you do z301 and not any other table!).

    The need for "########" lines for *every* tab17 GroupID is described in KB 16384-4164. (In the past the lack of an open day would cause the pc_server to loop. It seems that the program has been changed to stop at some point -- such as 26 years!)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013