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    EXT02 doesn't exist in Aleph 20-up


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care


    When we upgraded Aleph 18 to Aleph 20, the EXT02 library was not created. This library/base is required for the search with z39.50 in Unimarc, europe zone.  dlib shows this error:

    > dlib ext02
    ..../ext02/prof_library: No such file or directory.

    We still have the contents of this base in Aleph 18. How can we create this base and update all tables in it ?


    Though there is a "setenv ext02_dev" statement, ext02 is not included in any start or aleph_start.private $DEMO_LIBS or $ALEPH_LIBS line. It *must* be. "echo $ALEPH_LIBS" needs to include ext02. 

    We suggest that you change the following line in aleph_start from:

    setenv DEMO_LIBS "$DEMO_LIBS ext01"

    setenv DEMO_LIBS "$DEMO_LIBS ext01 ext02"

    and then do: 

    > source aleph_start

    Then do:

    > echo $ALEPH_LIBS 

    to confirm that you see ext02 included.

    Note: As described in KB 8192-3079, EXT01 and EXT02 are "virtual libraries"; they don't, and aren't supposed to, have any Oracle tables.

    In another (v21) case, there was no "setenv ext02_dev" statement in aleph_start. (Though aleph_start.tml *did* have it.) We added it, plus all of the above. Then:

    > cd /exlitbris/aleph/a21_1
    > cp -pr ext01 ext02
    > cd ext02 
    > vi prof_library (changing "ext01" to "ext02" and "EXT01" to EXT02")
    > cd tab
    > vi pc_tab_sear.eng (changing EXT01" to "EXT02"
    > vi path_convert (changing "ext01" to "ext02")



    • Article last edited: 12-Mar-2016