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    Effective due date" text showing on 'no recall' holds

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    We started loaning Kindles recently (ie. 39072038784199). We don't allow recalls on them and although we allow holds via the staff client we had to change tab15.eng to not allow holds so the recall link doesn't display in the OPAC. So staff place holds in the staff client by just overriding the tab15.eng error message and create the holds with the '03' no recalls option. So when a Kindle is returned and has multiple hold requests, the hold slip and letter are generated for the next person and the item is placed on hold. When that person picks up the Kindle we check it out to them. The due date then shows the text 'effective due date' instead of just the 'due date'. Why?

    The due date is correct and it was just that the text "Effective due date" was appearing -- which you were afraid might indicate that it was being treated as a recall.

    The "Effective due date" text is coming from the $aleph_root/error_eng. In the distributed v20 error _eng, we see just one occurrence (101), in format_due_date:

    0101 0000 L Effective due date: $1

    If you don't do recalls (just holds), then you can change the entry to "0101 0000 L $1" and just the date itself will appear in the GUI message. Otherwise ...

    The ./circ/format_due_date program has the following logic:


    Thus, it would seem that in this case the Z36-RECALL-DATE *is* set.

    But in the case where the (b_cir_13_b) program finds that Z36-RECALL-DUE-DATE = Z36-DUE-DATE, then the wording on the loan-recall-n.xsl notice says nothing about recall. It includes the due date, but that date is the same as it has been right along....

    [From site:] The weird thing is that it said 'effective due date' before the recall notices were sent out via cir-13 and it had a z36_recall_date even though the hold was placed via the staff client with '03' no recall selected. However, this morning when I checked it, the 'effective due date' text was gone and the recall date was blank. So not sure what's going on but the due date is correct and it doesn't appear a recall notice went out so I guess it's ok. I'll keep an eye on it and see if the 'effective due date' continues to display when a Kindle is loaned and there are additional hold requests for it.

    • Article last edited: 3/13/2014
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