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    End Hold Date is set to earlier date and may be even earlier than Hold Date

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Problem Symptoms:
    * Hold requests on the cir-06 Hold Shelf Report / Hold Expire Report sometimes have an End Hold Date earlier than the Hold Date.
    * The End Hold Date is shortened to an earlier date without obvious reason

    * When a patron cancels a hold request with status "S" (on the hold-shelf) in Primo, the Aleph dlf_del_pat_hold program does not immediately delete the z37 hold request.

    * The program changes the z37_end_hold_date to today's date - 1, that is, yesterday. It does this so that the next run of cir-06 will list it as an item to be removed from the hold shelf.

    * In most cases the z37_hold date will be a date earlier than yesterday, but there can be cases where the item is placed on the hold shelf today and the cancel occurs today, the result being that the z37_end_hold_date is yesterday while the z37_hold_date is today.

    There is no resolution. When the patron cancels a hold request Aleph changes the z37_end_hold_date to the date of the cancellation - 1.

    Additional Information

    * Assuming that cir-06 is being run daily**, the following SQL in the ADM library can be used to check for cases of z37h_end_hold_date < z37h_hold_date and z37h_end_hold_date > 'yyyymmdd':

    SQL> select z37h_rec_key, z37h_id, z37h_end_hold_date, z37h_hold_date from z37h where z37h_end_hold_date < z37h_hold_date and z37h_end_hold_date > 'yyyymmdd' order by z37h_end_hold_date desc;

    * And the following grep in the $LOGDIR directory can be used to confirm that the patron canceled the hold:

    grep 'del-pat-hold&patid=nnnnnnnnnnnn&id=xxx50dddddddddiiiiii' www_server*


    "nnnnnnnnnnnn" is the Aleph patron ID,
    "xxx50" is the ADM library,
    "ddddddddd" is the ADM doc#, and
    "iiiiii" is the item sequence number).

    * Note: The Aleph OPAC behaves as described above for Primo if version 20 rep_change 2140 has been implemented and patrons are allowed to cancel already-processed requests.

    ** If cir-06 is not being run daily, the above SQL can be run with the occurrences of "z37h" changed to "z37".

    Category: Circulation (500)

    Subject: Hold requests (500)

    • Article last edited: 10/24/2014