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    Error: (c0309 get 14) "Subscription No. 1 is out of item issue date"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    We have a number of serial records, all from one library, that give an error message (c0309 get 14) "Subscription No. 1 is out of item issue date" whenever staff access the Check In node in Serials.

    Many of these serial items have 00/00/0000 in their issue dates and the Expected Date and Arrival Date fields are also empty.

    What triggers this error message so that we might fix the affected items?

    First, be sure that the subscription start date matches the earliest issue date. For example, if the subscription no.1 Start date is 01/01/08, but the issue is for October 2007; you would need to change the subscription start date so that it matches the earliest issue date.

    Be sure also that the ALEPH subscription End date is far into the future (e.g. 12/31/2050), otherwise you won't be able to predict next and subsequent years' issues.

    You will also get the "Subscription No. 1 is out of item issue date" if there is no issue date (i.e. "00/00/0000") in the item record; in which case you will need to enter a date that is within the ALEPH subscription start and end dates.

    If you suspect that you have several item records with null Z30_ISSUE_DATE fields, you can identify them with SQL.

    For example, the following SQL will identify the ADM numbers and item barcodes for serials that have a '00000000' Z30_ISSUE_DATE, an item status of '69' and an item processing status of 'NA'"

    select SUBSTR(Z30_REC_KEY,1,9),Z30_BARCODE from z30 where Z30_ISSUE_DATE = '00000000' and Z30_ITEM_STATUS = '69' and Z30_ITEM_PROCESS_STATUS = 'NA';

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013