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    Error: Sort routine not defined in tab_znn_sort

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    You see messages such as these in the pc_server_log:
    build_z30_sort_key: Sort routine not defined in tab_z30_sort.
    build_z30_sort_key: Sort type xxxx not defined in (xxx50) tab_z30_sort.

    build_z36_sort_key: Sort routine not defined in tab_z36_sort.
    build_z36_sort_key: Sort type DEFAULT not defined in (xxx50) tab_z36_sort.

    build_z31_sort_key: Sort routine not defined in tab_z31_sort.
    build_z31_sort_key: Sort type CASH-4-D not defined in (xxx50) tab_z31_sort.


    This message occurs when the ./com_io/build_z3n_sort_key program looks at column 1 in the ./xxx50/tab/tab_z3n_sort table and doesn't find the value it's looking for.

    * For tab_z30_sort, the value is a module, such as, ITEM or SERIAL or WWW-A.

    * For tab_z36_sort, the value is a LOAN-n choice, selected from the GUI Circ dropdown (and specified as LOAN-SORT-TYPE values in ./xxx50/tab/pc_tab_exp_field.eng). The default loan sort is registered for the Circulation module in the GuiSys file under the "LoanSortType" line..
    In addition, the ./com_io/get_buf_z36_doc program calls build_z36_sort_key with a parameter "DEFAULT". Thus, the tab_z36_sort needs to have an entry with "DEFAULT" in column 1.

    * The tab_z31_sort is the same as the tab_z36_sort except that the value is a CASH-n choice, the pc_tab_exp_field.eng label is "CASH-SORT-TYPE", and the GuiSys line is "CashSortType". Thus, the "Sort type CASH-4-D not defined" error is occurring because the CASH-4-D line has been selected by default (in the GuiSys CashSortType line) or explicitly, from the GUI Cash dropdown, and the ./xxx50/tab/tab_z31_sort has no CASH-4-D entry.

    These errors do not prevent display of the items/loans/cash. It's just that they may not be in the order the user would like.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013