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    Error Message: Item does not exist (Remote Service Error: c0174)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    We have 6 items that will not allow an item record to be created. The cataloging assistant edits the BIB record, then normally selects the item button to create an item.
    However on these Bibliographic records we get this message:
    Item does not exist! (Remote Service Error: c0174 by docno21)

    It is only these records affected. He has entered items to other records with no problem.

    This message is # 0021 in the $alephe_error_eng. It is issued by the pc_com_c0174 program when it looks an item up by barcode and doesn't find a match.

    I did this to diagnose..
    ENTER DOC-NUMBER : 401746.
    LPS50 000401746.
    SBS50 000401746.
    SYS60 000467548.

    and then:.
    ENTER DOC-NUMBER : 401746.
    SYS01 000401746.

    But when I do "dlib lps50" and UTIL-F-4 for 'doc', I find that there is no such doc number:.
    ENTER DOC NUMBER : 000401746.
    Error reading doc : 000401746.

    I did this SQL to find other such cases:.

    SQL-LPS50> select SUBSTR(Z103_REC_KEY,6,9) from z103 where Z103_REC_KEY like 'LPS50%' minus select z00_doc_number from lps50.z00;

    So it seems that somehow the z103 links, indicating the presence of an ADM record, were created, but the ADM record was not actually created.
    What we need to do is to remove these (bogus) z103 links, so that the system will know that there is no ADM and will create one.

    There are two ways we could do this:.
    (1) Run a sequence of 6 p_manage_12 jobs to rebuild the z103 for: sys01, lps30, sbt30, lps50, sbt50, and sys60; or.
    (2) Once you are satisfied that these are, in fact, cases of bad links, you can delete them like this:
    s+ sys01
    SQL-SYS01> delete from z103 where Z103_REC_KEY like 'LPC50%' and SUBSTR(Z103_REC_KEY,6,9) in ('000401746', '000676104', [etc.] );
    You should back up the z103 table, using p_file_03, before doing this.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013