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    "Failed to read reply" for all GUI services

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22, 23

    Problem Symptoms:

    On Solaris Server:
    * Error message in GUI ("Failed to read reply") every time we try to run a service.
    * In PC-server logfile:

    SERVICE : C0172
    MODULE : Common Services
    DESCRIPTION: Submit Job to Queue
    ACTION :
    PROGRAM : pc_com_c0172

    Execution error : file '/exlibris/aleph/a21_1/aleph/exe/pcb_service_check.gnt'
    error code: 114, pc=0, call=1, seg=0
    114 Attempt to access item beyond bounds of memory (Signal 11)

    The libxml paths are incorrect.


    In several recent cases (in 2020), this was occurring after a Service Pack had been applied without running the third-party products steps.  Running those steps (using the "util sp" menu) corrected the problem.

    This is an earlier answer (from 2013) in regard to the problem under the Solaris OS:

    Ex Libris Installation team has disabled the path to "Ex Libris" libxml and set it for the libxml supplied by Solaris OS to solve the issue.
    Ex Libris was not able to reproduce this problem on any other machine.
    If you are affected by the problem contact Ex Libris for assistance.

    • Article last edited: 05-Oct-2020