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    Getting hold-request-slip-nn to print with "Print" GUI hold request list

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    How I can get hold-request-slip-10 to print when I click "Print" from the hold request list in the GUI?

    I tried every possible option in print.ini of circ and alephcom. I have a letter hold-request-slip-10 but it is not printing. (See attached hold-request-print-before.)

    In order to control the format of hold-request-slip-nn.xsl you need to

    A. Have the new v20 rep change 3418 (see below) (to be included in the May, 2011, v20 Service Pack).
    B. Put the following new line in print.ini (HoldSlip is a new entry)

    HoldSlip 10 N P holdslip.prn

    See attached "hold-request-slip-after" picture.

    20.2 Fix 3418:

    Description: GUI Circulation, Patron Hold Requests, 'Print' action (printing of the slip). An entry in .\circ\tab\print.ini was missing for this action, so it was impossible to configure the printout settings.

    Solution:This has been corrected.


    Change Type (T[ech]/D[ev]/B[ug]/I[nternal]):B

    PC files:


    Implementation Notes:
    To configure the 'Print' action in Patron Hold Requests add the followin line to .\circ\tab\print.ini:

    HoldSlip 00 N P holdslip.prn

    <end v20 rep_change 3418>

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013