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    Some updated records are sent to Primo; others aren't

    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct,Direct,Local,Total Care



    The z30 barcode is published to Primo by publish-06, so that the record can be searched by barcode.  Some bib records (e.g. 001247494) are being published with the barcode, while others (e.g. 001247493) are not. 
    Using Util F/4 we can see that the expand is picking up the barcode, but when the record is published via publish-06 the barcode is not included. 



    Comparing xxx50 z00p_doc_number 001247493 to 001247494, the former had this: 
    Doc Number : 001247493 
    Timestamp : 20151202 0714002 

    while the latter had this: 
    Doc Number : 001247494 
    Timestamp : 20150729 0610149 

    That is, the 001247494 z00p was last updated on 2015-07-29 while the 001247493 z00p was updated on 2015-12-02. As noted, the Z30-1 barcode currently shows up in util f/4 for both records. 


    Hypothesizing that there was some defect in the publishing configuration when 001247493 was updated on 20151202 at 07:14, we used util f/1/30 to generate a z07p (publishing request) for it, which was then processed by ue_21, which updated z00p_doc_number 001247493. Looking with SQL, we now see the barcode in the xxx50 z00p_ptr for 001247493. 
    After this record was harvested by publish-06 and the Primo pipe, the Primo PNX contained the z30 barcode field. 


    To identify the defective z00p's and generate z07p's for them, consult Article 000046885 ("Resending selected Aleph records to Primo").