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    Hold requests for multivolume monographs

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    How do you allow hold requests for different items that share a bib? (This is with tab15, column 11, = "N" -- *not* for the specific item only.)

    If there is a multi-volume or multi-item bib, a patron can only place one hold request on one of the volumes or items.
    When the patron attempts to place a hold request on another volume in that set they are blocked. (See for example Bib = 533983).

    I tried fiddling in tab_hold_request, but the closest I could come was excluding
    !POST check_hold_request_f
    !CIRC check_hold_request_f

    This allowed the patron to place the holds on each item of the multi-volume set, but also had the undesirable consequence of being able to stack multiple hold requests for an item.

    We only want to allow patrons to place one hold request, but at the item level, irrespective of the shared bib.

    I see that there are three items for abc50 ADM 000533983 (-000010, -000020, and -000030).

    I find that the z30_enumeration_x and z30_chronological_x fields are blank.

    As described in article " Recall link not showing on item page in OPAC for multi-volume monographs " (KB 16384-18769), the items associated with a particular title can be copies or volumes/pieces (--or both).

    In the case of multiple copies, you want a hold to apply to all of them.
    In the case of multiple volumes/pieces, you want a hold to apply only to the specific item it is placed on.

    If you want the items to be treated as multiple volumes, you need to populate the z30_enumeration_a of each item with a distinct value.

    Regardless of whether we call them "volumes" or "pieces", you need to classify all cases of multiple items attached to the same bib record into two categories:

    1. Items which are unique; there is no additional "copy" of the item, no "like item".

    2. Items which are copies or "like items" for other items.

    For group #1, if there is just a single item connected to the bib, you needn't do anything, but if there are multiple items, then, you need to populate the z30_enumeration_a field -- probably by copying data from the z30_description. Article "  Populating z30_enumeration_a with the Z30-ITEM-SEQUENCE for multi-volume sets " (KB 16384-20355) discusses the population of the z30_enumeration_a with the Z30-ITEM-SEQUENCE as an alternative.

    For group #2, you needn't do anything. With the empty enumeration/chronology fields, they will be treated as like items.

    Note: Items with z30_material ISSUE should have the z30_chronological_i field populated.

    • Article last edited: 20-Apr-2016