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    Recall link not showing on item page in OPAC for multi-volume monographs

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    We noticed the recall link isn't showing when items with material type ISSBK are checked out. We tested changing the material type to BOOK for one item that is out and when making this change the recall link showed up.

    Two examples in production:
    Record #000244442 (title: Generalized functions)
    Record #000259855 (title: Islamstudien) - the recall link is displaying here because v.1 was changed to BOOK

    I checked tab15.eng and tab_hold_request and I don't see anything that would precent the recall link from displaying for the above records. Is there another table I should be looking at?

    Any reason why the ISSBK material type would prevent the recall link from displaying?

    The abc50 tab15.eng 15C (for the ABCLO sublibrary) line for the 01 item status has "N" in col. 11. This means that holds will be placed on "like copies" -- and, since column 8 has "Y", it will look to see if a copy is available.

    When one of these other "copies" becomes available, it stops displaying the Request option.

    You will say that these do not represent "copies" but rather different, distinct volumes. (I see that this is the intention from values like the following in the 000253063-90 z30_description field: "pt.8 v.2".)

    But, since the z30_enumeration_ and _chronological_ fields in these records are blank, the system treats them not as volumes, but as copies/like-items.

    As a test to confirm this diagnosis, we populated the z30_enumeration_a field in the items for a particular title. The Request option then displayed for the item (when it was on loan).

    The system is behaving consistently. There is nothing special about "ISSBK". It is requiring that, in order for multi-volume monographs to be treated as distinct volumes rather than like copies, there needs to be a difference in the z30_item_status or the z30_enumeration_a. If this is an important issue to you, you might want to populate the z30_enumeration_a, using SQL.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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