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    How Email Reports from Services Directly to an Email Address?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    Does anyone know how to get reports from services emailed directly to an administrative email address?

    For example, we want hold request slips (not the letters) to be sent to an email address and not a printer.
    The email address won't be in the XML file, and I don't think adding it in some way to the XSL will be enough. It seems that I need to somehow to add "<email-address></email-address>" to the raw XML.

    1. In circ/tab/print.ini, create 2 Print IDs for this line, e.g. "email" for the letter, and "circrec03" for the slip:
    ReturnHold01 00 N P rethold.prn email circrec03

    2. In alephcom/tab/alephcom.ini indicate (or add) these two Print IDs:

    3. In xxx50/tab/tab_file_aut add the two Print IDs, so that the user you sign-in with in the GUI can in principle view the files created with an extension of *.circrec03 or *.email:
    circrec03 BIGBOSS
    email BIGBOSS

    4. Restart the pc_server after this change.

    5. Remember that Print options in the GUI should be "Normal Printing". This is done automatically if you set - alephcom/tab/alephcom.ini, section [print], with this value - DefaultPrintConfig=0

    6. Set-up a Print Daemon for fields with Print ID 'email' to email, and 'circrec03' to print.

    Additional Information

    email, reports, print daemon, print.ini, alephcom.ini, print ID, tab_file_aut

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013