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    How to Add jobs to the job_list

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    I run ret_01 and and then print_01 every Sunday morning in order to make a list of all records entered into the catalog the previous week and then print them out. How can I have this run automatically every week?

    You can do this by using the job_list functionality.
    You can enter p_ret_01 and p_print_01 to run Sunday morning and have both of them sent to the queue (Y in column 3).
    In column 1 put "00" which is Sunday.
    In column 2 put 07:00:00 (or whatever time you want)
    In column 3 put Y so it will be entered in queue (and thus p_print_01 will start only when p_ret_01 finishes)
    In column 5 put the library name
    In column 6 put the job name (in this case p_print_01 or p_ret_01)
    In column 7 put the parameters of the job. To get the parameters of the job see the log file in $alephe_scratch, specifically the "start" line

    a16(1) >>cd $alephe_scratch

    a16(1) >>grep start usm01_p_ret_01.00135
    start USM01,,library_science,000000000,999999999,,00,00000000,99999999,00000000,99999999,,AND,650##,a,library^sciencd,library^sciencf,,,,,00000000,99999999,

    a16(1) >>grep start usm01_p_print_01.00136
    start USM01,library_science,library_science.out,ENG,002,00,

    The above parameters are then entered into column

    00 07:00:00 Y USM01 p_ret_01 USM01,,library_science,000000000,999999999,
    00 07:00:00 Y USM01 p_print_01 USM01,library_science,library_science.out,ENG,002,00,

    When this finished, you should kill and reactivate the job demon via util E 15

    See also, the Aleph Configuration Guide (on the Doc Portal).

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013