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    How to Check Certain Word Index Entries Using UTIL-F-4

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    How can we check certain word index entries using UTIL-F-4?

    A) To check which words are indexed in word index for a particular document:

    1) In tab00.eng, col.3 check the index number of the word index:
    H WTI W-002 00 02 W-titles

    2) Now call up UTIL-F-4 for Z95 and type in the document number you would like to check:
    Enter doc number or Q to quit
    The last column is the index number (in our example 002=WTI), the third to last column (000124352) is the word number.

    3) Now with UTIL-F-4 for Z97 you can check which word has number 000124352:
    new key = K, exit = Q, continue = RETURN
    key 1 = 1, key 3 = 3
    enter start word position nnnnnnnnn
    -COLOGNE -000124352-000124352

    -> So we know that wti=cologne is indexed for document 51549.

    B) To check which documents are indexed with a particular index-/word-combination

    1) Use UTIL-F-4 word3:
    new key = K, exit = Q, continue = RETURN
    enter start position nnnnnnnnnnnn
    002000124352 <--- Indexcode (002=WTI) + wordnumber (000124352=COLOGNE)
    Rec key = 002000124352 Number of items = 000000003
    Doc number = 000013542
    Doc number = 000024466
    Doc number = 000051549
    new key = K, exit = Q, continue = RETURN

    So we know that documents 000013542, 000024466 and 000051549 should be found when searching for wti=cologne.

    Note: UTIL-F-4 word3 checks tables Z98 and Z980.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013