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    How to Distribute a New XSL Print Template ? ***Comprehensive record***

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    I'm trying to distribute a new XSL print template to all the GUI clients, but we do not have the clients set to do version check at startup.

    Forms are not distributed as part of the Version Check process.
    The server is checked for changes every time you enter Aleph or open a new library (bottom right, Library icon) unless you have disabled the following check in AL500/ALEPHCOM/TAB/alephcom.ini:
    ; Always import files when dates change (Or prompt user for confirmation)
    ; values: Y/N
    ; default Y (Always import without confirmation from user).

    If AlwaysImportFiles is set to N, then when you enter ALEPH or open a library and the local files are different than the server files, then the following message pops up in a window, for example:
    Your local files are from date: Fri Aug 24 13:57:23 2007
    Server's files were updated on date: Thu Sep 06 12:51:11 2007.
    Import new version?
    Yes / No

    If you say Yes (or if AlwaysImportFiles is set to Yes and an update is necessary), then a window appears saying something like:
    Transfer files
    Extracting Remote Files ....

    For XSL forms, the server knows that a new download is necessary if the html.pck file on the server is newer than the C:\AL500\ALEPHCOM\files\XXX01\PrintTemplates\eng\html.pck file on the PC.
    For Cataloging's MARC help files, the pc package is C:\AL500\CATALOG\LIBS\XXX01\tab\pc_cat.pck.
    Note: when Aleph looks at the date of the html.pck (or the pc_cat.pck), it isn't looking at the system timestamp (at least on the Unix side), but instead it's looking at the date in the first line of html.pck (or pc_cat.pck).

    {Note: Though the directory in which the forms and the html.pck files typically reside is ./xxx01/form_eng/ (since the other libraries are typically path_convert-ed to ./xxx01/form_eng), the directory in which the PrintTemplates reside on the pc is *always* the library's own directory. Thus, when the USM50 Circ or Acq client is opened, the html.pck obtained from ./usm01/form_eng/ will be placed in the \ALEPHCOM\files\USM50\PrintTemplates\eng\ directory rather than the ALEPHCOM\files\USM01\PrintTemplates\eng\ directory. (It is only when you connect to USM01, with Cataloging, that the latter will be the target.)

    A new html.pck file is created everytime you run
    UTIL-I-6 (Create Print Templates Package for the PC Client) from the server
    Services menu > General > Rebuild Print Templates Package (sys-02) from the GUI.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013