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    How to Upgrade Apache in Aleph

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    How to upgrade Apache in Aleph.

    Apache can be upgraded via the server utility:

    1) Type "util" and enter.

    2) Type "sp" and enter.

    3) Run the following options from the menu, one after the other:
    6. Download 3rd party products update
    7. Check 3rd party product download status
    8. Extract products updates
    9. Update 3rd party soft links

    4) Restart Apache as follows (if Apache runs on a port lower than 1024, this must be done as root, see later directions):
    > apcb
    > apachectl stop
    > apachectl_auto

    If Apache restart is done as the root user, the following instructions should be used instead:
    As aleph user:
    > apcb
    > pwd

    The result of the "pwd" command should be copied to the clipboard.

    As root user:

    > apachectl stop
    > apachectl_auto

    5) If using JBoss, stop and start the JBoss process as well.

    Additional Information

    Latest version of Apache available is 2.2.24.

    • Article last edited: 11/20/2013