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    How to back up tables prior to running manage-nn index jobs

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    Produce easily-recoverable backups of Oracle tables prior to running manage-nn index jobs in the actual library (as opposed to a parallel library).

    The first choice is to perform a full backup of Oracle before running the indexing job, stop the servers while the job is running, and, if there's any problem, restore the full backup.

    The alternative, if you can't do this, is to back up individual tables using the Oracle Data Pump....

    1. One time only:

    > s+ ALEPH_ADMIN
    SQL> grant JAVA_ADMIN to aleph_admin WITH ADMIN OPTION;

    2. Enter the following commands on the command line. As described in KB 16384-49361 ("Unable to open file "oracle_expdp_current_lib.sql"), the oracle_expdp_table and oracle_impdp_table procs *must* be run in the $aleph_proc directory. "XXX01" is the library for which the job is being run.

    Preceding manage-01 (Rebuild Word Index):

    > cd $aleph_proc
    > csh -f oracle_expdp_table XXX01,z95 > & $alephe_scratch/oracle_expdp_table.z95.mmdd.log &
    > csh -f oracle_expdp_table XXX01,z97 > & $alephe_scratch/oracle_expdp_table.z97.mmdd.log &
    > csh -f oracle_expdp_table XXX01,z98 > & $alephe_scratch/oracle_expdp_table.z98.mmdd.log &
    > csh -f oracle_expdp_table XXX01,z980 > & $alephe_scratch/oracle_expdp_table.z980.mmdd.log &
    > csh -f oracle_expdp_table XXX01,z52 > & $alephe_scratch/oracle_expdp_table.z52.mmdd.log &

    Preceding Headings jobs:

    > cd $aleph_proc
    > csh -f oracle_expdp_table XXX01,z01 > & $alephe_scratch/oracle_expdp_table.z01.mmdd.log &
    > csh -f oracle_expdp_table XXX01,z02 > & $alephe_scratch/oracle_expdp_table.z02.mmdd.log &
    > csh -f oracle_expdp_table XXX01,z52 > & $alephe_scratch/oracle_expdp_table.z52.mmdd.log &

    Preceding manage-32 (Build Counters for Logical Bases):

    > cd $aleph_proc
    > csh -f oracle_expdp_table XXX01,z0102 > & $alephe_scratch/oracle_expdp_table.z0102.mmdd.log &
    > csh -f oracle_expdp_table XXX01,z52 > & $alephe_scratch/oracle_expdp_table.z52.mmdd.log &

    Preceding manage-35 (Update Brief Records):

    > cd $aleph_proc
    > csh -f oracle_expdp_table XXX01,z0101 > & $alephe_scratch/oracle_expdp_table.z0101.mmdd.log &
    > csh -f oracle_expdp_table XXX01,z52 > & $alephe_scratch/oracle_expdp_table.z52.mmdd.log &

    Note: Backup prior to indexing is a customer responsibility. Full backup of the database prior to running p_manage jobs is the preferred option.

    Additional Information

    * This specific site had 2.3 million bibliographic records.

    * The backup of the Words and Headings tables occupied 10 Gig in the ./XXX01/files/dpdir/ directory and took 3 hours. (The z98 took one-half the time and the other tables, together, took the other half.)

    * These backup files would be recoverable using the $aleph_proc/oracle_impdp_table procedure.

    Category: Background processing (500)

    Subject: Indexing (500)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013