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    How to make Aleph records updated by SQL be harvested by ARC


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care


    How to make Aleph records updated by SQL (instead of the GUI or with a service) be harvested by ARC. 

    See example update in Additional Information below.


    In addition to whatever other updates are made to the z601, update the Z601_UPD_TIME_STAMP: 

    SQL> update z601 set Z601_UPD_TIME_STAMP = ‘YYYYMMDDHHMMSSS’; 

    where ‘YYYYMMDDHHMMSSS’ is the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) (basically, the Greenwich Mean Time) 

    This will trigger the inclusion of the record by ARC.


    Additional Info
    If Z68 and Z601 records (invoices or orders) created in error and deleted are not removed from ARC, then see Article "ARC incremental mode, order deletions not propagated" in regard to triggers.  


    Even if we renew the budgets with acq-06-b in May, later in the summer our Acq Dpt revises each Serials order to planned the encumbrance of each title. Instead of asking our library technicians to upgrade manually all the orders, the Serials Librarian send me a list of the amount she wants to use and I am updating with SQL the z601 records (created when we run acq-06-b at the end of the fiscal year). We've been doing that for the last 3 years without any problem. 

    After the SQL update, ARC does not show the new amount; it is still using the previous one. 



    • Article last edited: 28-Feb-2016