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    How to make z13 Title field include 245 $$b (-- in addition to $$a)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21

    We want the Title field in our z13 (short bib) records to include 245 subfield b in addtion to subfield a.
    Thus, we changed our tab22 Title line to this:
    TITLE 1 245## a 245## b
    But the subfield b is still not included.

    What setting should we do?

    Here is the information from the tab22 header:

    Each group of columns (tag + subfield + position) is used to define an alternative field, if the tag in the previous group
    of columns is not present. The system takes the first of the alternative fields that it finds when creating the Z13 record.

    So your current specification says: "Look first for a 245 with subfield a. If not found, look for a 245 with subfield b."

    The tab22 header says, for column 2:
    1=data taken from bib record's tag + subfield + position
    2=data taken from the bib, using edit_paragraph;

    Here is your configuration in the edit_field.eng entry with 245 $$a and $$b:

    1 # 245## P -6
    2 a ^
    2 b A ^

    (Note: you can include here whatever other 245 subfields you want displayed.)

    But since there is no edit_paragraph.eng entry pointing to this edit_field entry, I created one:

    777 245## P

    Now you should change the tab22 line to this:

    TITLE 2 777

    and restart the ue_01.

    In order to make the change to the z13 / tab22 be in effect you need to re-run p_manage_07. (Though the z00r could also be rebuilt by p_manage_7, this is not necessary for this particular issue.)

    Additional Information

    tab22, z13, title field, 245, edit_field, edit_paragraph

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013