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    How to report on deleted hold requests

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    How to report on hold/recall requests which are deleted by the patron or by the staff, or deleted by cir-17 due to being expired.

    The z309_action for cancelled recalls is "21". This is listed in tab_circ_log.eng as "Recall cancelled".


    As described in the article "Deletion of Hold Requests", expired hold requests can be deleted by the batch cir-17 Service.  


    Prior to version 22, z309 type "21"s (for recalls) were the only type of z309 produced for deleted/cancelled holds or recalls.
    The OPAC programs do *not* produce z309_action 21's. The program which creates z309_action 21's is b_cir_13_b, which is part of the p_cir_13 job. It creates them only for z36_recall_type 01 or 02 (recalls) when it finds that there is no longer any z37 record for the recall. (It will also, optionally, produce a recall-cancelled notice to the patron.)
    Thus, if a patron cancels a recall, it will be only when p_cir_13 is run that the z309_action 21 will be written.
    After that time, a run of cir-21 (the Circ Logger Report) for Action "Recall cancelled" will include this cancellation.
    The z309_action 21's do not include cancelled holds (z36_recall_type 03);  if it's a simple hold request (z37_type 03), then it is not processed by p_cir_13.


    With version 22, two additional z309 types relating to deleted holds/recalls were added.  From ./source/copy/CIR_LOG_TYPE:

           01  LOG-HOLD-REQUEST-DELETED       PICTURE X(2)  VALUE "72".

    (As is the case with the type 21 LOG-RECALL-CANCELLED, these log entries are written only if they are enabled in tab_circ_log.lng.)

    Type 72's are written by the pc_cir_c0421 and pc_cir_c0427 programs; type 73's are written by the www_f_bor_hold_delete program.



      * holds/recalls deleted by the staff in the GUI will produce z309 type 72 records;
      * holds/recalls deleted by patrons in the OPAC will produce z309 type 73 records (note that holds/recalls deleted in Primo or via x-services do not produce these type z73 records);
      * expired/cancelled recalls will produce z309 type 21 records;
      * expired holds deleted by the cir-17 Service will not generate any z309 record, but will have a z37h (history) record.


    There are filters for "Recall cancelled", "Hold request deleted", and "Hold request deleted (OPAC)" in the GUI under the "Circulation Log List". 



    • Article last edited: 26-Apr-2016