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    How to run Upgrade Express Option #3 (Upgrade In Place)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    Upgrade from version 20 to 21 using Upgrade Express option# 3 (Upgrade in Place).

    This option would seem to:

    * require less disk space,
    * preserve DB customizations, and
    * require less down time.

    But there is no documentation of the option.

    Attached is a PowerPoint of the possible methods of upgrade and the steps required for each method.

    The PowerPoint is for the v18 - v20 upgrade, but the principles are exactly the same for v20-21. Option 3 is similar to scenario 4 in the PowerPoint (see slides 30 and 41).

    The required steps are translated to v20 - 21 below....

    Cutover Phase

    • Install v.21 (utree and database) in parallel with v.20.
    • Shut down Aleph on both versions.
    • Perform full cold backup of the database.
    • Run the Oracle 11.1-11.2 upgrade kit on the cloned database (see How to Upgrade Oracle Software and Database to
    • Import demo libraries. For instructions, refer to the Upgrade Express 20.01 to 21.01 User Guide.
    • Log on to v.20.
    • cd /exlibris/aleph
    • Download and unpack the 20-21 UE kit.
    • cd upgrade_express_2001_2101 ; upgrade_util (to invoke the UE kit utility)
    • Use option 1 to define upgrade parameters.
    • Use option 2 to export customer u-tree. Check the logs for errors.
    • Log on to v.21; make sure Aleph is down ($alephe_root/aleph_shutdown and verify by: ps -ef | grep 21_).
    • Open 20-21 UE kit in v.21. :
    cd /exlibris/aleph/upgrade_express_2001_2101; upgrade_util
    • Unpack the configuration tables. Check the logs for errors.
    • Manually copy the /alephe/aleph_start file supplied with the original v.21 installation (found in u21_1/alephe.orig) to your current $alephe_root and synchronize it with the /alephe/aleph_start from v.20. Make sure you retain v.21 settings and only update local parameters like the pw_library.
    • Modify ORACLE_SID in aleph_start to match the DB which was used by ver. 20.
    • Log on again to v.21 on the target. You should be able to dlib to your user libraries at this point. Test util-f-4 on “doc” to check the connection to the DB.
    • Log on to the UE 20-21 kit, check the environment and backup the Oracle tables to be upgraded.
    • Run step 3 (the actual upgrade) from the UE 20-21 menu (all steps).
    • Perform the post upgrade express actions in the UE 20-21 kit.
    • Perform the manual post upgrade implementation notes.
    • Start Aleph and test v.21

    Category: Installation & Upgrades (500)

    Subject: Upgrade Express (500)

    • Article last edited: 3/25/2014